Top 5 Tollywood Stars Whose Age Is Just A Number


Top 5 Tollywood Stars Whose Age Is Just A Number:

There is no end to heroism if the actors are forever young at heart and continue their hard work with passion on Cinema. Let us see the top five stars of Telugu Industry who are still showcasing their talent with success despite their growing age.


1. Megastar Chiranjeevi:

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This hero who needs zero introduction is hailing the Tollywood for almost the last four decades. Even after crossing the age of 60, Chiru is working as a youngster with graceful dances and powerful fights.


2. King Nagarjuna:

Nagarjuna 2

This evergreen handsome hero has been stealing the hearts of Southern lady fans since ages. With growing age, this Akkineni hero is growing his handsomeness with a strict diet. No one would ever believe that Nag will turn 60 in one more year.


3. Victory Venkatesh:


likewise Nag, Venky who has 57 years old stays in shape in terms of fitness and looks. Despite growing competition among stars, Venky always shows his presence with charm and dynamic personality.


4. Srikanth:

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Srikanth has entered the 50+ years heroes club recently by doing more than a hundred flicks in Tollywood. He is considered one of the favorite heroes of the family audience.


5. Jagapathi Babu:

Tollywood Stars
Tollywood Stars

This most wanted antagonist across South India kept impressing movie lovers by being a hero, character artist and lead villain. Despite his character, he is gathering more fans with his manly looks. From families to the masses, Babu has a huge fan base for his salt and pepper looks.


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