Movie Review: Okka Kshanam


What’s good: The concept, interval bang and the screenplay

What’s bad: Allu Sirish and the second half where Allu Sirish has to act

Popcorn break: Songs and second half when story takes a predictable turn

Watch or not: Watch it if Allu Sirish is not a problem

Trade Talk: The openings are weak and mixed word of mouth for content-driven films is never a good sign for the future at the box office


In his third attempt as director Vi Anand has picked up another impressive concept. It gives scope to an exciting narrative, but the director has not managed to make use of it entirely. The first half takes time to get into the concept and then when the excitement begins, and the mystery is unraveled we are back to the typical commercial setting and finishing.
So, as one can make out, the portions from the middle of the first half and till the main suspense is revealed in the second half are interesting. There is a solid interval bang in between. The idea of the director is right to simplify the concept and not make it too complicated, but the build-up that is given initially doesn’t seamlessly mix with the core plot and the villain angle.
Overall, Okka Kshanam is an impressive attempt at a different concept of parallel lives. But it is not entirely exploited to give a satisfying experience at the cinemas.
Mani Sharma has done his part by providing good background score. The cinematography is fine and so is editing. The production values are alright.
The last word: Surely for the fresh concept it deserves a watch even if the lead might be a problem.

Rating: 2.5/5

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