Fake Elimination, Musical Chairs, Kalyani Eviction Are The Major Highlights


The Bigg Boss Telugu season-4 has been running tremendously with the highest TRP’s. The host Nagarjuna has once again entertained everyone during the weekend.

Karate Kalyani who is facing the wrath of the audience for her behavior in the house has been eliminated on Saturday as we all predicted.

Kalyani expressed her happiness to be a part of the Bigg Boss journey and also stated that she realized that she was a misfit in a game show like Bigg Boss.

Kalyani who has got eliminated has utilized her last opportunity and nominated Tv9 Devi for the third-week eviction.

As a part of elimination, each candidate nominated for elimination was given a ballon with red and green strips in them.

Red indicates that they’ve to face the eviction and Green indicates that they’re safe. Abhijeet and Sai Pampana were saved by this.

Amma Rajasekhar was also saved and this has been announced by Nag after a small game similar to a tug of war.

Noel and Sohal were also in a safe zone after a while where there occurred a situation that the save candidates should nominate one between Harika and Monal.

Both of them have shared 3 each and Sujatha has saved Monal. All thought it was the end of Harika but the fake elimination has come into light when Nag has sent her in again and revealing it as fake elimination.

This has thrilled everyone and Nag has given a sweet warning saying that no one should self-nominate hereafter.

The musical chairs game has entertained well where Monal, Akhil, Mehboob, Devi, Sujatha, and Gangavva has emerged victorious.

Overall, Sunday has been the Funday which was completely filled with entertainment and thrill.

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