What’s good: The basic concept and the way its brought together

What’s bad: Few stories don’t hold interest.

Popcorn break: In a Couple of stories

Watch or not: Watch it

Trade Talk: The openings are decent in the bigger centres thanks to the presence of Nani. However, chances of a long run look bleak with the film holding a minority appeal.


Debutant Prashanth Varma has come up with one of the most brilliant ideas to debut in Telugu cinema. It is a simple plot when we think about it in hindsight. But when we are immersed in it at a narrative level and also on the writing level, we can understand how complicated and confusing it could be to execute.

The problem with the movie also lies in its complexity as at one point it feels overdone. The stories look like a stretch, and some don’t work at all, though, in the end, we know what it all is supposed to mean.

The first half begins slowly and gets interesting towards the interval mark. It gets further exciting with few tracks in the second half. However, at the same time, some stories seemed far-fetched and stretched to lose the overall impact. The climax is neatly done with the song at the end working out well.

Overall, Awe is a decent watch purely from an audience perspective who doesn’t get all the complexities involved in the writing and making. For a movie lover, it is a must watch, as it would be ‘cinematically’ enlightening whether one likes it or not.

The last word: Go and watch it even if you might not be impressed.

Rating: 3/5

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