Upendra 2 Movie Review


After a long time Upendra gets a simultaneous release in telugu with his latest movie Upendra-2 which is a sequel to his hit movie Upendra released in 1999. The movie created great buzz due to the popularity of its prequel and the interesting theatrical trailer.

The movie begins on an interesting note with the end credits shown at the beginning and a college lecture where the subject is inability of the brain to stay in present instead thinking of either the future or the past. This takes us to the hero of the movie called as “Nuvvu”(Upendra) who is the only known person to be able to think only about the present without fearing about the future or dwelling about the past. Rest of the story is about who is “Nuvvu”, how can he lead such a life by only thinking of the present and whether he is enacting like that for any purpose.

Performance and Analysis:
Movie starts on a good note but it becomes boring as time passes by. In order to establish the hero character there will be multiple scenes depicting his nature of thinking only in the present. Even when the heroine tries to test him by luring him he remains true to his character. Such kind of scenes makes the audience giggle a bit. As the movie moves to the interval another side of the hero is shown where he just enacts as “Nuvvu” as part of a plan for taking over a huge property. From here the craziness of the director, Upendra himself is shown in two other roles one of an undercover cop and the other as an extremist. He tries to make the plot as complex as possible by introducing dream sequences and several sub plots. And the movie ends with the starting titles as the end titles are shown in the beginning.
None of the actors except the hero is known to Telugu audience so they couldn’t connect with the cast. The songs are below par which when combined with the different taking of Upendra, became a laughing stock. In the beginning scenes Upendra experimented with the camera angles such that it replicates the view of the person in the scene rather than a third person view. I think that is the only good thing in the whole movie besides the concept of thinking in present so as to avoid problems of fearing about future or worrying about past.

You can easily skip the movie and save yourself some time. Upendra missed his knack of delivering a message in an entertaining way instead depended on making the plot complex and confuse the audience.

Rating: 1/5

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