Nara Rohit's Rowdy Fellow Movie Review




Rana ( Nara Rohit) is a corrupted guy with ego. He becomes police to reach someone a lesson but soon discovers there are other problems. The problems are caused by Durga Prasad ( Rao Ramesh). How Rana faces Durga is the basic story of the film with a subplot involving the heroine.


Whenever Nara Rohit is given good dialogues he delivers. This is what happens in Rowdy Fellow as well with the actor delivering his lines well. One wishes however that the actor in future makes change in modulation based on the requirement of the scene and not deliver dialogues in the entire film in one way.

Heroine has very less to do and is in fact the weakest character in the film among the ensemble cast. Rao Ramesh is easily the highlight as far as performances is considered. He is followed closely by Posani Krishna Murali. Together they make the film enjoyable whenever they arrive on the screen. Throw in comedian Sathya in between you have many entertaining scenes in the film.

Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao and Gollapudi Maruthi Rao have small but crucial roles in the film and they have done well. Aahuti Prasad gets shortchanged in this area.


Interesting characters
Hero and villain confrontation scenes
Rao Ramesh
Posani Krishna Murali

Slow narration
Parts of second half


Krishna Chaitanya making his directorial debut has chosen a predictable premise of cop taking on a politician. However he makes this premise interesting by inserting interesting characters into the premise. These interesting characters lead to arresting scenes in the film.

With so much positivity one would assume a thoroughly entertaining film but that is not the case here as these small and interesting parts don’t rise as a whole to make a mark. One universal cohesiveness that delivers a knock out punch is missing in the film. The film moves laboriously to arrive to the point. Despite this one overall problem the film courtesy of its characters is easily a watch once.

Music by Sunny MR is reminiscent of his precious efforts. The usage of BGM should have been a bit better. Cinematography is very good and so are the dialogues which are big plus for the film. Editing should have been better. Production values are rich and it never gives us a small budget feel.

Bottom-line: A Slo-Mo Entertainer

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