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Music Impressions: Solo

SoLo Music Review

Album – Solo
Composer – Manisharma
Lyrics – Krishna Chaitanya, Rama Jogayya Sastri
Singers – Ranjith, Hema Chandra, Karunya, Sri Ram Chandra, Haricharan, Malavika and Sravana Bhargavi

Tracks – 6
Repeats – 2
Skips – 2
Ho Hum – Almost atom bomb la, Singapore,
On the fence- Ammamamammo, Marumallela, Puduthune solo, Na premakathaku
Chartbusters – none

Positives: Trademark Manisharma melody and few interludes that still showcases the class of the music director

Negatives: Staleness of the overall sound of Manisharma while they are good they don’t have that zing in them anymore that’s the reason for most of the songs to be on the fence and none in the chartbuster variety as one would not be compelled to listen to them again and again.

Verdict –3/5

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  1. Phanisrikrishna

    October 31, 2011 at 2:37 PM

    i am a big fan of mani sharma.nmani sharma has a unique style of composing songs his songs are awsome in some films and waste in few films.He obviously gives great music to chiru,balayya,pavanji,mahesh and ntr his music in recent films is average with 2 or 3 hits… actually we expect a good album like parugu,athadu etc., nit depends on the story but the fact is that if he delivers the same he may become rare pick for directors….if we look in khaleja and shakthi there are only few mwmorable songs…..nwe request him to make some awsome music being a shishya of ilayraja the masterio….

  2. Dummy1098

    November 2, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    very nice songs

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