Mass Maharaaj Ravi Teja's KICK 2 Movie Review


What is the film Kick 2 about?

If Kick was about achieving ultimate satisfaction in doing whatever an individual wants to do, Kick 2 is about doing what one needs to do to make oneself comfortable. How this nature is exploited and what the hero realizes in the end about his true comfort is what we see in the film.

Looks like a serious subject is there enough fun?

Yes the film has lots of funny sequences related to the characterization of the hero. And with Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja at the center of the proceedings with his unmatchable energy, one is sure to get entertained.

Is this a direct sequel to the previous film Kick? Do we need to see it before watching this?

Yes, Kick 2 is presented as a direct sequel but don’t worry it is not necessary to watch the original before watching Kick 2.

So how is Ravi Teja’s performance?

Ravi Teja has stepped up the energy tempo to a new level in this film. While rising the energy he also made sure the intensity also matches it. For example the first fight in the film where he beats a goon. We are immediately taken back to the days of Idiot but it is not a copy and the whole act is very fresh to watch. Do we even need to mention about the comic timing? Finally in the end when he listens to Tanikella Bharani speak, there are no words but the emotions and the intensity is conveyed just through the eyes and body language. It is subtle but it doesn’t scream subtle to the viewers. Ravi Teja is that bloody good in the film.

What about heroine Rakul Preet Singh?

Rakul Preet Singh gets a good role in the film. She makes the most out of it as it’s her who stands out the most after the hero. She too has couple of scenes where she is required to do a bit more than what is usually expected from a heroine and she doses is with competence. In terms of glamour she looks her best here.

Any other noticeable performance?

Kick 2 has good number of artists who are capable of stealing the show individually but they haven’t been given material to create such an impact. Still Tanikella Bharani stands out in the confrontation scene with Ravi Teja. Then there is one sequence where an artist feeds Ravi Teja even after knowing the great tragedy that has occurred. Ravi Kishan is fantastic in the introduction scene, it’s another thing though that he repeats the same act till the end. Sanjay Mishra and Rajpal Yadav should be applauded for the effort but the end result isn’t that satisfying as language barrier can be felt.

No mention about Brahmanandam? His pairing with Ravi Teja is always hilarious isn’t?

The pair of Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam has rocked many times before and this is no different. But to be frank, they have done better in the past.

Did Surender Reddy live upto the expectations? How is the direction?

Surender Reddy has been partially successful as director. He has given slick visuals to look at, has got visually appealing songs, extracted good performances from the cast but despite all these he has failed to get the emotional graph of the film right. The second half is a major culprit here. It takes long time for the film to get going. And when one feels that its finally getting into the groove we are into the climax.

What are the highlights?

Ravi Teja is the film’s biggest highlights. Rakul Preet and songs follow next.

What are the minuses?

Second half of the film from the beginning till the temple fight is a major downer for the film.

How is music by Thaman?

Music by Thaman was a success before the release of the film itself. On screen all songs are picturized well but only two make an impression while others fail due to wrong placement. Background music is good for most part of the film.

What about other technical departments?

Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is superb. Village and desert locales are very well captured. Dialogues are mixed bag. They are classy at times but also get crude to make point at few times.

Bottom-line: Kick With Heart
Rating: 3/5

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