Lakshmi Rave Ma Intiki Review – This Lakshmi Is Absolutely Welcome



A boy loves a girl but the father doesn’t approve of their marriage. How the boy manages to win his love in end is the overall story of the film.


Naga Shourya is slowly developing into a confident presence. Leaving out his unnecessary attempt to magnify his heroism aside, he is good as a lover in the love story the film presents us. Even in the family portion part of the film, he slips in effortlessly. So far this is a good improvement and one could hope the performances get better going forward.

Avika Gor once again gets a meaty role like her debut. It has few sequences in it which are instantly relatable to any girl and she brings those aspects out very well on screen. It is of course not a challenging role but whatever is given to her she does it with utmost sincerity and an additional innocence. Avika Gor, for her own future prospective, must immediately give some thought about her physical aspect in terms of looks though.

Finally Rao Ramesh rounds up the trinity of performance, that is essential to the films over all plot. He is good as usual and makes his role feel relevant and likable till the end despite less screen time and being presented on the negative angle.

There are three major comedians in the film Venu as friend, Sapthagiri as a cop in a brief period and finally Vennela Kishore as a software engineer. All these three comedians have added great value to the film and provided good entertainment whenever they are on screen.

Naresh, Pragathi as parents do their doting parents acts decently. Other artists who are taken for small parts all do their work in efficient manner without ruining anything.


Lead pair
Predictable but breezy first half
Entertainment overall


Middle portions in second half
Thin storyline/predictable plot


Lakshmi Rave Ma Intiki is directed by Nandyala Ravi. Given the story at hand here which is a very routine and predictable one, it must be said that the director has made a confident debut in narrating this predictable story in an engaging manner with just a dash of freshness. It is confident because he has been credited with the screenplay and dialogues as well.

Among the two halves first half of the film is clearly better even though it is the more predictable one of the two. The reason for this is a simple, it has been executed in a very confident way. The village sequences for example which ultimately prove to be heart of the film at the end has been neatly executed and hence it makes the climax work to an extent. The comedy and one line punched comes more organically one doesn’t get a feeling like too much effort has been put to keep us hooked.

In the second half the screenplay isn’t as smooth as the first half. Here a new approach for the resolution has been sought and this resolution which needs the heroine to ‘feel’ the love feels out of place with the overall narrative. One gets a feeling that the proceedings are derailed during the middle of the second half. Things do get saved in the pre climax and since the climax is wrapped up in a neat way, over all it looks good.

Music by KM Radhakrishna is okay with couple of numbers being good. Background score is adequate. However, clearly both music and bgm could have been better. Dialogues are a major asset for the film, especially in the first half. They drop in quality in the second half and by the time the climax arrives one does get a feeling that they have run out of juice. Cinematography is good and editing is decent. Choreography of songs is neat.

Bottom-line: This Lakshmi is absolutely welcome
Rating: 3.25/5

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