Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini Review – Disastrous


Post the phenomenal critical and commercial success of Autograph, a new trend of nostalgia driven love stories started being made across all the Southern film industries. Charminar, the original behind Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini belongs to the same progression albeit made in Kannada.

The biggest factors for films like this to succeed remains the performances from the lead actor’s, chemistry between them and music of the film. These are the key elements and the makers surely seem to be aware of it. They have got one aspect right which is the music but unfortunately they got the other factor wrong, the performance.

Sudheer Babu without any doubt has given the best performance he could, watch out the climax. And yet his best is a let down for the film to connect with the audience and thereby succeed. His voice is a major spoiler in this case. The intermediate stage which forms a major basis of his eventual career has not been effectively portrayed. There are glimpses of what could have been a lovely film here and there but in the end those glimpses never progress to become memorable moments.

Direction is one of the other major problem along with the performance aspect mentioned above. The scenes that ought to make strong impact lack the punch due to inept direction. Also there is not much happening between hero and heroine together which means entire burden falls on hero’s shoulder. With Sudheer Babu as hero that is never a good position to be in.

What works for the film is the beautiful music and background score. It is one of the elements that the makers have got right. If you have wandered to the cinemas knowingly or unknowingly, music could be the one redemption point. Dialogues are just about okay barring few exceptions like the one on teacher’s.

In the end Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini is a film that is made with good intentions but lacks real ambition to succeed. It therefore comes across as a laboured and tired attempt that tests our patience. Stay away.

Conclusion: Uninspiring performance and poor direction kills the film
Rating: 1/5

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