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Music Review: Baahubali – Grand and Epic

Has MM Keeravani elevated the films of SS Rajamouli through his music or has the veteran music director survived on Rajamouli films for this long when his contemporaries from Telugu vanished? Whatever and whichever may be the case the combination has been mutually beneficial and over the years have delivered some blockbuster albums. Baahubali is of course there biggest. So has the combination delivered?

The album as a whole is a mixed with couple of numbers standing out in few listening itself while another couple taking time. Rest of the numbers looks thematic and mostly relegated to the background. However the two big positives of the album are the grandness in sound and local Telugu feel in them. MM Keeravani has mostly done his job keeping the set up of the film in mind and now it’s up to the director to take them to their real potential through the picturization.

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Our picks: Pacha Bottesina, Mamatala Talli, Dheevara

Rating: 3.25/5