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Baahubali Movie Review

Director SS Rajamouli had once in an interview said that he didn’t anticipate the kind of stupendous response the interval bang of Chatrapathi would get given the image of Prabhas at that point. Having not imagined that, he went ahead with a very weak second half that completely ruined the stunning impact created by the first half.

In Baahubali he creates an exact opposite problem. While he didn’t anticipate the reaction back then, today he couldn’t reach the anticipation that he had created. In the entire film we wait for the scene with bated breath to get the goose bumps feelings through a heroic masala elevation but it never arrives. We only get glimpses of it in few parts spread over couple of sequences. As if the lack-off such scenes aren’t enough, the emotion used to build those moments lack depth and depend purely on offensive wordings.

These are some of the major problems of the film that hold backs the film from getting to its true potential.

But what makes the film tick at least for a one time is the effort that has been put to make this monument of a film. Right from the title designing itself we feel the ‘epic’ scale of the film. The visuals from the word go are fantastic, this is the biggest reason along with action to watch the movie.

Prabhas ‘cut out’ has once again been put to great use. However as an actor he is completely out of place in the film for most part. One gets a feeling that he is acting a contemporary commercial Telugu film watching him in few scenes. We fear that he might at any minute blurt a cool English word to express his feelings like he did in his past few family entertainers. Even in the warrior sequences he is simply a great presence physically but not as a performer.

Coming to Rana who hyped his character through roof top, only when we watch the film, we get to understand why. He has few scenes that do stand out and unlike Prabhas who feels like going through motions, Rana is enjoying the process which is visible on screen. This makes his character more interesting than it actually is.

The real performers in the film though are Satya Raj, Ramya Krishna and Nazar. These actors get small but interesting parts which they do with a confidence that makes one glued to the proceedings.

Direction by Rajamouli is weak here. Most of his concentration and effort has been put on the visuals which are grand but while doing so he has lost control on what makes a movie tick eventually the emotions and the core drama. His strengths have become his weakness here and they have resulted in a weak product in the end.

Technically the film is classy and slick in terms of visuals. The VFX seems to be unfinished in many places but it is balanced by some cool effects too. This is really not the ultimate visual wonder but then again we can’t name anything else that is in the same ballpark. It means while Baahubali is in its own league viscerally, it still is far from being the best. Musically it is a let down though.

Overall Baahubali is a easy one time watch even with all the misgivings for the herculean effort taken by the team to bring it to us, the viewers. Keep the expectations in check and fulfill your quest for a grand visual epic wonder.

Conclusion: Epic visuals does the trick
Rating: 3.75/5


The title of the review says it all. Baahubali is a cinematic marvel of historical proportion. The labor of love crafted by director SS Rajamouli has to be seen to be believed. It is truly a thing to be marveled at that is why we have decided to review the film with a simple bottom-line right now – Go Watch It

Let us save all the talk regarding the movie’s short comings and failings to be looked at in a days time.

Rating: 3.75/5

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