Vijay's Thuppaki Movie Review


Jagadish (Vijay) is an Army returning officer whose parents have only one thing on mind, getting him married. During this off duty time he accidentally nabs a sleeper cell member who kills innocent people on a bus. And through him he finds out that serial bomb blasts are going to happen soon. Does Jagadish (Vijay) stop the serial blasts from happening and who are behind those blasts etc form the rest of the film?

As said earlier there is also a marriage proposal which leads to the character Nisha (Kajal). Her track provides the comic relief in the film and it is smoothly integrated into the main narrative without appearing jarring at any time. However it does slow down the pace especially in the second half.

It is a show reel for Vijay once again like most of his mass films are but here he it is toned down and controlled to a large extent. It is completely to the credit of the director that we get a relaxed yet powerfully heroic character from Vijay and he does it well. Dances are good as usual but gets repetitive after a point.

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Kajal gets a short but good role where at least she has the scope to be present in a frame doing something that is not ogling at lead hero or dancing with lots of skin show. This does not mean she doesn’t do them, she does those things but additionally gets some footage too.

Vidyut Jamwal is once again a good choice for a villain by the director. He has good screen presence and although it’s a one tone role he still manages to register.

Malayalam actor Jayaram is very good and brings the house down in few sequences.

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Lead Pair


Background score
Becomes slow post intermission

Thuppaki is a simple film told in a very interesting and entertaining manner by the director. First half of the film is superb with a very good pre interval and interval bang. Even the comedy in the first half has worked out well and they have been blended well into the screenplay.

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Second half continues in the same fashion but the flow from funny to serious is not as smooth as it was in the first half and it drags at times too because things get predictable after a while. Songs doesn’t help the cause either as they are very poor to begin with and also picturized very lazily.

The climax is again predictable but satisfying nonetheless. Flashes of the ‘feared’ mass Vijay acting and setting appear in climax but thankfully they are neatly handled by the director who again tones down the ‘over’-action and makes it simple.

Director A.R.Murugadoss is the real star of the film here. He once again gets a good story and gives it a smooth and fast paced screenplay where the entertainment keeps coming either in the form of comedy or edge of the seat thrill.

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If director is the hero of the film then Harris Jayaraj is the villain of the film. He single handedly tries his best to ruin the film. The songs are poor and the background score is horrible.

However even such poor songs are made a pleasant watch due to the stunning cinematography by Santosh Sivan. Editing is good and production values are rich.

Bottom-line: Feast For Vijay Fans; Easy One Time Watch For Others.
Rating: 3.25/5

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