Masala Music Review



It is music director Thaman once again with an album. Looking at his recent run we do have our expectations very low although we still expect decent one or two songs for sure.

Acharey Acharey is a lift of song from original Bol Bachchan, which, this film is a remake off. The unit might have taken rights though, like the rights for the film is taken. Then there are a couple of Thaman mark melodies Ninnu Choodagane and Meenakshi Meenakshi which are good to listen to but don’t sound that fresh so that we listen them on repeat. The second interlude of Ninnu Choodagane despite taking the song on a complete different tangent is still good. Kotlallo Okkadey is an alright number that feels much bad than it actually is thanks to the impression brand Thaman has created due to his repetitiveness. Masala remix has good catchy refrain but that’s about it for the song which looks more like filler in the album.

Masala is a simple album with two mass numbers and two solo melodies for the heroes. Everything screams dated, average or below par. The two melodies are fine overall if one wishes to give time to them.

Our picks: Ninnu Choodagane, Meenakshi Meenakshi


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