Vedam Music Review


Vedam is the new directorial venture of kkrish who last gave us gamyam. Although gamyam had very little to offer us in musical terms barring a song, Vedam is touted by the maker to be more musical in its nature compared to gamyam. He ropes in MM Keeravani to provide the music who is definitely not at his peak. Lets see what the album has in store for us.

The album kicks off with a rockish song “now or never” sung very well by ranjith. The song has good lyrical value courtesy setharama shasthry garu. Two listens and one is hooked to the song though a lot depends on one’s likeability to the specific genre the song belongs to.

Yegiripote entha baguntundi next number is a rural folk number ala mannela tintiviraa Krishna from chatrapathi. Its very less raunchy compared to mannela tintiviraa though. The song has very minimal usage of instruments. The lyrics are written classily and doesn’t become outright vulgar at any point which is common with songs of this genre. Having said that , there is nothing special in this song that would make this song stand out among its type. If picturised well the song has potential to be big hit as it will be picturised on anushka in a sexy avtar.

Roopai next track is about money and its importance and existence in society written and sung by keravani himself. The entire song focuses on the lyrics more than the music and succeeds in a way. Not a memorable song but one wouldn’t mind humming it along few times just for fun.

Prapancham na venta vasthunte belongs to hip hop genre and is sung by anuj gurwara and achu with female voice by chitra. Lyrics by M.S Murthy are predictable and ordinary especially the English portions. The beginning of the song is ordinary too but it gets better as we get to second interlude. Overall a very average song, when heard as a standalone song and short one at that too. Has the potential to be big once the video comes out as the song depends a lot on its picturisation.

Malli puttani written and sung by Keervani is very good lyrically but is let down by the singing. Keeravani’s obsession with his singing lets this song down which could have been truly a memorable song had it been sung by any other singer inspite of its short duration. The usage of shehnai and acoustic guitars elevates the song from being an ordinary one to good one. With another singer this would have been a better one.

Another short song (vedam) follows, this time title song, very much like malli puttani but sung by a infinitely better singer karthik. This small song just illustrates how its not enough just having a good tune. To make the song work a good singer is required too. A short but memorable number. One can’t help but think how malli puttani would have sounded if karthik had sung it.

Keervani’s obsession with singing continues as does his writing. Though he excels in writing it’s the singing where he falls flat and brings down the song. Eventually turning what could have been a great song into a good song. Imagine aawarapan banjarapan from jism being sung by keervani instead of kk. That’s the feeling one gets while listening ea cheekati song. This song grows with every listening resulting in a song that would be good irrespective of its picturisation and the box office outcome of the movie. The second interlude without singing is truly memorable.

Overall a pretty consistent album in terms of lyrics and sound but lets down by keeravani’s obsession with singing. What could have been a truly memorable album turns out to be a decent to good album because of his singing. But as music is different to different ears some may like his singing so for such people this would be a great album for others an opportunity lost.

Track List:

Now Or Never
Singers : Ranjith, Deepu, Geetha Madhuri, Chaitra
Lyrics : Seetarama Sastry

Egiripotey Entha Baguntundi
Singers : Sunitha, M.M. Keeravani
Lyrics : Sahithi

Singers : M.M. Keeravani
Lyrics : M.M.K

Prapancham Naventostunte
Singers : Chaitra, Anuj Gurwara, Achu, Allu Arjun
Lyrics : E.S. Murthy

Malli Puttani
Singers : M.M. Keeravani
Lyrics : M.M.K

Emi Telisi Nannu Mohisthivi
Singers : Padma, Poornima, Manju
Lyrics : Traditional Added Lines by Sahithi

Singers : Karthik
Lyrics : M.M.K

Ae Chikati Cherani
Singers : M.M. Keeravani
Lyrics : M.M.K

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