Vedam Movie Review


Director kkrish comes back after award winning gamyam with vedam, also touted to be the first major multi starrer movie of the current generation. These things makes one look forward to the movie with very anxiety and excitement and also we do remember the second film jinx. So lets see what the film has in store for us.

The movie features five different stories of five different background people. All told simultaneously and everything culminating in the climax. A cable guy anand raju aka cable raju played by Allu Arjun, A wannabe rockstar vivek chakravarthy played by Manchu Manoj, Amalapuram saroja played by Anuska, A Muslim Rahimuddin Qureishi who is always suspected on religious grounds played by Manoj Bajpai and finally Ramulu a weaver at Sirisilla played by Nagayya. How all these stories mix with each other In the climax makes for an interesting srcreenplay.

Storywise the film has nothing new to offer. All the stories we have seen them earlier like poor guy-rich girl love story, A super rich guy trying to create his own identity, A prostitute on the run with big city dreams, poor people being thugged and forced to selling organs and finally Muslims being looked as terrorists. While we have all seen those stories as individual film. In vedam we have all of them in a single film. So the novelty here arises in its narration more the story and this is where Kkrish partly succeeds.

Partly because Kkrish due to his over ambitiousness over does the things which at times seems forced like,unnecessary fight of manoj with religious people, who again look like goons more than religious people. Infact his entire part could have been eliminated from the movie and it still wouldn’t effect the over all narrative of the movie and would have made the film less confusing and much slicker over all. However inspite of those short coming, The movie is gripping for the most part majorly due to the writing and amazing dialogues which are funny and heart touching at the same time. Its in these departments that Kkrish should get big credit.

The films starts very slowly establishing its characters and doesn’t move forward till pre interval, but from pre interval the graph of the film raises and second half only gets better with many heart touching scenes. When it comes to performances, Its Allu Arjun who steals the show, especially in second half. Followed by Anuska, who, besides looking at her raunchy best has some of the best lines in the film and she delivers them well. Manoj does a decent acting job but fights well. Manoj bajpai does well too which is expected but his character is a stereotype which we have seen many times hence lacking freshness. Nagayya the old man too does well considering his lack of acting experience infact his lack of it does add to the character and brings in lot of naturality to the character.

Special mention must be made of satyam Rajesh and the Hijra friend of saroja, They bring in lot of humour by acting as side kicks cum partners of cable raju and saroja respectively and not to forget posani krishnamurali in a hilarious guest appearance. Bhrahmanandam, saranya, deeksha seth,raghubabu others does well in the small roles gives to them

Technically cinematography is very good except for few scenes where its very ameturish. Editing could have been much better as it involves five different stories running parallelly, the transition among them is jarring sometimes. The music by keervani fits the mood of the film and is situational however ee cheekati, rupai and malli puttani songs stands out due to their perfect placement.Backgroung music gives nice feel to the movie especially towards the end.

As said above its completely writers movie, the writing is solid which saves the film from being completely boring. Finally a big thumps up to director kkrish for attempting a film which is complicated and still managing to engage the audience for major part of the movie. If only he curbed his over enthusiasm of telling too many things at the same times this could have been a much better viewing experience. But even in its current form its still miles ahead of a similarly themed movie om shanti which released earlier this year. As far as second film jinx goes it would be very early may be to predict, especially given the kind of film this is.

Bottomline:A brave attempt in current telugu cinema scenario
Movie Rating – 3.5/5
Direction – 3/5
Screenplay –3.25/5
Story – 3/5
Music – 3.25/5
Lyrics – 3.5/5
Performances – 3.5/5

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