Vasthadu Na Raju Audio Review


Hello Everybody is a typical Manisharma solo hero song post Pokiri. The song has great first interlude and good second interlude. The singing by Ranjith is fine as has been in all his assignments with Manisharma. The song is fine and that’s about it.

Padha Padha sung by Hemachandra and Malavika is a fine number which adheres to a more recent Manisharma template. It’s good to listen to but lacks the freshness. Nothing wrong with that but song gets boring after few days of listening. It lacks that something special spark that would make this fine number superb.

Sadaymiya sees Manisharma going all out in a mass number. The result is not that effective. The song sounds and feels routine. Singers Ranjith and Rita just go with the flow.

Kalagane Vela is a delight to melody lovers with great vocals by Saindhavi and Sri Ramachandra. The song has all the strengths of Manisharma working at its best. Great vocals and music, with superb interludes.

Olla starts off with a very popular techno beat that gets used through out the song. Instantly catchy and foot tapping the song keeps the momentum through out. Ranjith is at his usual best while Janani compliments him well.

Nathone Nuvvu is the kind of song that you hear even without any credits and tell without blinking that it’s a Manisharma song. Very soothing song to say the least. The usage of flute and violin with orchestra creates a soothing atmospheric soundscape, which slips your mind into a state of calmness. Singers Saindhavi and Saketh only add the beauty of an already beautiful composition.

Yedho Yedho starts well with flute sound mixed with tribal sound. This is a melody with slight folk touch using tribal sounds. The songs start of well but the singing parts soon become monotonous unlike its wonderful interludes which just keeps on getting better. The singing portions lack the freshness of its interludes which are fantastic musically.

Lyrically the album offers nothing new. Nathone Nuvu and Kalagane Vela are better compared to the rest among the album.

Manisharma who off late has been giving one or two good songs in his albums shows a greater consistency here. The problem with this album and in general with him seems to be the saturation of his music. At this point even his superb and excellent songs just doesn’t generate a similar emotional response that he used to, so effortlessly do in his earlier years till about mid of the decade. Nonetheless, a good almost complete album from Manisharma after some time.

Rating – 3.5/5

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