Varudu Movie Review


Varudu movie review – preachy and predictable

The movie starts with an insignificant cameo sneha ullal making a challenge and telling that she would kiss the winner our hero is the only man to accept her challenge and win it. What follows is a small lecture given by our hero to snella ullal about the value of kiss. This pretty much sets the tone of the film and what is about to follow, a tedious preachy and predictable fare where the emphesis is on values and masculanity of the hero or the males. The lectures seems to become longer and longer as the movie progresses which finally ends in sermon at the end.The story which basically revolves around a marriage, arranged marriage to be precise, doesn’t move forward till about 40 mins into the movie. We are then introduced to the heroine which subsequently leads to the intermission, making us wonder in utter disbeliefment what has happened till this point, an introduction to heroine followed by glimpse of the the villain aarya. And loads and loads of preachy dialogues the best one being the one right before interval about jeelakarra bellam and its importance.

Post intermission we are introduced to the villain aarya and his psychotic behaviour, from this point on till the climax its like playing the game ‘spot the movie” as there way too many scenes resembling the scenes seen earlier. The movie finally ends with the battle of macsulinity with a very well choreographed hand to hand fights between allu and aarya.The performances are nothing to rave about either allu arjun tries to underplay for the entire first half and in the second half does his usual loud acting which though not irritating isn’t impressive either . aarya is given an interesting psychotic character but its not his performance but his voice, which is dubbed, is superlative . the voice gives him and his character the raw edge and fresh feel which keeps the audience hooked as long as he is present on the screen and this in the only positive thing that can be said about the movie . heroine has very little to do apart from a kiss . suhasini,ashish vidhyarthi naresh,shiyaji shende,nazar etc do there routine as is expected of them.

Music by manisharma was always dependent on its picturisation and only two songs bahusa oo chanchala and relare help in doing that, others barring the aidu rojula pelli song are not up to the mark. Aidu rojula pelli deserves a special mention for its picturization and stunning cinematography though its not a song which you would be humming in isolation or come out remembering from the film like the other two songs mentioned above . Editing could have been much more sharper as the film drags post interval.

The direction by gunshekhar is not up his standards and he seems to be in a very preachy mood this time around like old granny we have in our house and as shown in the movie through out . there seems to be no end to sermons and proverbs in one particular scene which go on and on and on . this is the same problem he had with arjun too but hear he has reached a peak level . All this being in first half while the second half he rehashes his own movies all the way till the end . the director seems to have run out of new stuff the the long break after sainikudu seems to have done him no good which means a further break is necessary and much longer one at that .

Final conclusion : marchipooo marchipooo

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