Tuniga Tuniga Movie Review



It’s the story of two friends Rama Swami (Prabhu) and Ravindra Babu (Nagababu) and their kids. Karthik (Sumanth Ashwin) is the son of Rama Swami and Nidhi (Rhea Chakraborthy) is daughter of Ravindra Babu. They both love to hate each other as kids.

Years later they meet each other as grown ups without actually knowing each other initially. Karthik falls in love immediately and later she too reciprocates. They soon come to know about each others realities and still continue to love. But all this doesn’t go down well with relatives of Ravindra Babu who are after his wealth. They plan and separate the lovers. How they eventually fall in love is what Tuneega Tuneega all about.



Sumanth Ashwin who makes his debut with the film looks confident but lacks screen presence, dances well but lacks the grace, has good voice but its one note through out. For a debut movie it is decent.

Similarly heroine too dances well and complements the hero.

Nagababu, Prabhu, Sayaji Shinde and Paruchuri Gopalakrishna etc were the other noticeable characters in the film. They all do what they have been doing regularly and they do well.




First half



Routine and repetitive drama

Paruchuri mark dialogues


Over action of female negative character



The film is a predictable fare from the beginning till the end but still the first half managed to entertain. The quarrel and love elements are brought up very nicely almost like aHollywoodmusical and manage to engage in this half because the fun portions manage to outweigh the drama.

In the second half the director looses this balance and veers more towards the drama which is very routine and predictable. And the director doesn’t use it sparingly but uses it quite often making one almost cringe in embarrassment.

The climax in the temple of course the cake as far as embarrassment with the amount of predictability goes. It goes on and on.

Director MS Raju fails to bring the right balance in this routine and predictable teen drama. He begins well almost like a musical but then he falters big time post intermission taking out all the fun elements and concentrating more on the drama. Even with a predictable plot the film could have been engaging and been a nice teen musical with dance and all had the director stuck more to the narrative style of the first half.

Music by Karthik Raja is a major asset for the film and has been used properly by the director. It’s the only thing he had been very much successful at in the film.

Cinematography is alright. Production values are fine. Editing should have been better in the second half of the film.



Bottom-line: wait for a DVD.



Rating: 2.25/5

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