Venkatesh's Shadow Music Review


Despite the immense love for Meher Ramesh in all sorts of wrong ways, his films so far have had good music and the director deserves a credit for that much for sure.

Coming to Shadow the director extracts interesting bits of music from music director SS Thaman. Almost all the songs have a prominent disco/club vibe to them with typical Thaman techno beats attached to it.

The title track and “Naughty Girl” stands out. Among the rest there are interesting bits like the female vocals in “Pilla Manchi Bando Basthu”, interludes of “Gola Gola”. “Aythalakka” is a routine number with only the funny female mid section lyrics involving lines of popular nursery rhymes standing out. “Revenge of the Shadow’ is okay.

On the whole the album is a disappointment. It lacks the consistency and is mildly engaging due to interesting bits.

Our picks- Shadow, Naughty Girl

Rating: 2.75/5


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