Sushant's Adda – Lacks Anup Magic


Anup Rubens who is on a roll delivering minimum guarantee music off late is back again after twin releases earlier in the summer. It was a mixed summer for the music director with one of the albums going to become a huge success. Expectations are in check for the album. Let’s get started.

As has now become a standard template for a Anup Rubens musical the album contains two melody numbers (Ninne Ninne Choosthunte, Ekkada Unna Nee), one or two peppy fast beat numbers (Adda title track) and a couple of mass numbers one with a class/disco touch (Hey Mister Hey Mister) and other one completely massy. Adda additionally consists of a mass numbers made for fans.

The melody numbers are fine as usual although lacking the freshness somewhat. The mass numbers feel repetitive here and appear dependent on the picturization a lot. This can be felt instantaneously with the number ‘Pareshan Hai Oolala’. The title track is alright.


Overall it’s an inconsistent album from Anup Rubens. There are parts in every song where one feels it’s going to take off from here and be a memorable or hummable number but it never happens. It’s not outright disappointing but it’s not that remarkable either. It is somewhere in the middle.

Our picks: Since we have a little bias over the melodies we pick the two melodies ‘Ninne Ninne Choosthunte’, ‘Ekkada Unna Nee’ with the former being better than the latter.

Rating: 2.5/5

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