Music Review: Jabardast – Catchy Like Always From Thaman


“Arere Arere” is a fine soothing number with superb singing by Nithya Menen. Mind you, she doesn’t sing just few lines, she sings the whole number. The interludes are pleasant and song would easily grow with each listen. Once again the simple but addictive arrangements come to focus in “Allah Allah” number. The song gets better as is progresses but isn’t as fresh as one expected it be at the beginning.

“Meghamala” is retro styled number where it moves from a very old age to disco age and further not just musically but even with singing and lyrics too. Good attempt which would need visuals to enhance its appeal. “Thees Maar Khan” is typical Thaman number with controlled drums that is nonetheless addictive after few listens. The album ends with “Lashkar Pori” which could be the pre release hit the makers were looking at. Thaman’s personal indulgence as singer with auto tune could have been easily avoided though, even if it’s just for few seconds.

A fairly enjoyable soundtrack that has all typical elements of music director SS Thaman with some added melody that goes missing in his readymade Blockbuster kind of albums for big heroes.

Our Picks: Arere Arere, Lashkar Pori, Allah Allah
Rating: 3.25/5

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