Sahasam Music Review


Music director Sri of Little Soldiers, Sindhuram fame is back from what can be called a long hibernation with Sahasam. We give him benefit of doubt in terms of expectations because of his long absence. Let’s see what the music director has in store for us.

Dola Dola begins the alum on a positive note, it’s a good number overall, nothing extraordinary or exceptional, just plain simple good number. Version-2 too is similar but sans the good interludes of the version one. Sahasam title track, a jazzy number, is neat but is not something that one would listen in tandem. Add to it, its short length.

But the real highlights of the album are two melody numbers ‘O Kanu Papa’ and ‘Nenunenuga’ reminding us of the music directors past. O Kanu Paapa sung by Karunya is a soothing simple but lovable number. The melody lingers on, long after you have heard it, especially the first interlude with the saxophone. Nenunenuga is another soothing melody with simple but effective arrangements that is bound to create an impact. Once again the first interlude is brilliant here.

Sri delivers and delivers well even after such a long gap. Wish he composed more often.

Picks of the album: O Kanu Papa, Nenunenuga
Rating: 3.25/5

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