Ravi Teja's Balupu Music Review


Its Thaman once again, after God knows how many albums this summer. And to give credit where it’s due the young music director has been doing a fairly good job barring a film or two. Alright the expectation meter is predictable for this album, can Thaman throw a surprise, lets see.

The album starts off with Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja voice and then the song begins which is clearly inspired by a popular Hindi song. Despite the obvious inspiration “Dil Main Baji Guitar” oops “Kajal Chelliva” is a rollicking fun number. It’s followed by what is easily the song of the album “Yaevaindo” sung by SPB. This is the second song sung by the legend for SS Thaman after “O Nadu Washingtonnu” from Greekuveerudu and like the previous number this one is a fantastic listen as well. The arrangements and SPB’s simple but energetic singing elevate the song to a new level.

Lucky Lucky Rai is typical Thaman stuff that is so predictable by now and so Pathikella Sundari, with the later being better among the two. Picturization of the song coupled with the placement in the film would decide the fate of these songs in long run. Padipoyanalla is decent listen with a beautiful second interlude and stanza.

Thaman indeed manages to throw in a surprise in the form of ‘Yaevaindo’ but barring that it’s a typical ‘full of energy with predictable style of music’ kind of album from Thaman. The album stays in public mind as long as film plays in theaters.

Picks of the album: Yaevaindo, Kajal Chelliva, Paathikella Sundari
Rating: 3/5

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