Massmaharaj RaviTeja's Power Music Review



The combination of SS Thaman and Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has been a hit and miss type. While they have been successful with Kick, Mirapakai and Balupu they weren’t so with Anjaneyulu, Veera and Nippu. However even among those disappointments he has delivered couple of good numbers for sure which makes us look forward to their next album together.

As usual with Thaman, the songs in the album can be slotted into two different categories specifically, the mass and the class. Devuda Devuda and Champesinde belong to the class category. Both the numbers are decent, nothing exceptional of memorable here. These are standard routine fare from the music director.

Badmashu Pilla, Nootanki and Nuvvu Nenu belong to the mass category. It is in these type of songs that the music director despite repetitiveness gives some catchy numbers. Badmashu Pilla sung by Chakri belongs to that category. Notanki number is a good listen for the fans of the star but beyond that the music lacks the energy to make it a repeat worthy number. Nuvvu Nenu is a reworked tune from very popular Hindi number. Lyrics and the ‘original’ tune used as it is could have worked well together but the upgraded music arrangements aren’t a patch on the original.

At the very beginning we said that the combination has been alternating between hit and miss. This is somewhere in the middle zone. It is not a hit clearly but isn’t a complete miss either.

Our Picks: Badmashu Pilla, Devuda Devuda, Notanki
Rating: 3.25/5


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