Music Review: Ongole Gitta – Disappoints


“Raa Chilaka” is fine intermittently although reminiscent of music director GV Prakash’s own Tamil numbers which is the case with “Mama Maraju” and “Yerra Mirapallo” too. “Yee Pilla” sounds good but nothing memorable or interesting about it barring the second interlude.

May be the director though the album is sounding too much like a Tamil album he gets Mani Sharma for a change and what does Mani do, he given another routine but typical Telugu number in his style. So you have “Chal Challe” a very routine and typical Telugu mass number from the music director. Despite its predictability the familiarity with the sound makes it a passable number.

The album is a disappointment in general but it becomes even more so when one looks at credit cards and sees Bhaskar name on it. Is this the albums of the same director who had extracted fantastic albums previously like Bommarillu, Parugu and Orange?

Picks of the album: Raa Chilaka, Chal Challe

Rating: 2.25/5

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