Ram Charan's Yevadu Music Review


Devi Sri Prasad silently without much noise is belting out one chart-buster album after another. Leaving aside that the music director is known to give fantastic output for his first time combination with a star. Given all these in background expectations are surely high for the album.

Freedom starts off the album on exciting note not musically but lyrically. It has lyrics which gives josh to the fans but musically as a standalone song it lacks coherence (certain beats feel inserted only for dance purpose) and depends on the visual to appeal. There is a lot of scope for dance which is good news for the fans though.

Neejathaga is typical DSP melody that almost all the times somehow connects and this number is no different. The interludes are good, singing is fine and the melody grows on you, signs of a winner.

Following next is the leaked item number ‘Ayyo Papam’ which is retained as it is with small tweaks here and there. The song is catchy from word go and a feast for the masses. Ironically here audio doesn’t seem to be a problem rather it’s the video, if one has seen the leaked video.

Cheliya Cheliya is the song of the album undoubtedly. The arrangement although reminiscent of an earlier song from DSP, is still fantastic. The singing and arrangements blends well to create a haunting impact. Add to it lyrics which elevate the emotions this one is an instant winner and would be a memorable song long after the film has gone.

Despite best attempt by Devi Sri Prasad to give pep up the proceedings (heavy beats in the interludes) in ‘Oye Yeah‘ it doesn’t work. The song depends big time on picturization and placement in the film. Same can be said about ‘Pimple Dimple’ song but since it’s a mass number it has its catchiness for few unlike ‘Oye Yeah’. The song still doesn’t cut it on the first few listens as a standalone song and is once again dependent on the placement and picturization.


Yevadu on the whole is an album that is simultaneously spectacular and ordinary. Couple of songs are fantastic, another couple are fine and two are pretty ordinary. There seems to be a conscious effort on music director’s part to give dancing sensations to Ram Charan and this part lets him down. And when he is free from that ‘dancing numbers’ pressure, he has delivered melodies which are beautiful to listen to. It’s an average album then with twin peaks in melody and a shining item number.

Our picks: Neejathaga, Ayyo Papam, Cheliya Cheliya
Rating: 3/5

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