Ram Charan's Zanjeer Music Review


Zanjeer – Overdose of B-grade Sensibilities

And finally the songs of the much awaited Zanjeer (at least among the Telugu’s) are out. The promo songs so far have been alright lowering the expectations on the albums. Let’s check out if the complete album has something else in store.

After the completion of listening of the album for the first time everything about it screams “template”. After the completion of second round one gets the feeling of a B-grade-ness in every song. A standard hero worshiping number (Mumbai Ka Hero), two item numbers (Pinki and Shakila Bano), a Qawaali (Khochey Pathan ki Zubaan), a retro club number (Katilana) and finally a mandatory melody (Lamha Tera Mera), everything sounds tacky, stale and follows template without a single ounce of freshness.


In the end that is what Zanjeer album is, a template b-grade album which is fun to listen to if one doesn’t mind its lowbrow-ness. However the sound of the album is such that after a week one could be left wondering if this was a couple of decades old album.

Our Picks: Mumbai Ka Hero, Shakila Bano
Rating: 2.5/5


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