Power Star's AD Music Review


Who can forget the albums Jalsa and Gabbar Singh? When a new album comes in such a combination the expectations are surely going to be pretty, pretty high. Can they deliver it again, let’s find out.

The album begins with a bang with the song Aaradugula Bulletu. Intriguing and fun lyrics complimented well by the epic sounding styled music. Both the interludes are fantastic. The ‘Gaganapu..’ lyric refrain during beginning, middle and end are superbly used.

Bapu Gari Bomma is another instantly likable number that also feels situational at the same time. Lyrics are again engaging which mainly comprises of very simple sounding words.

Deva Devam is classical number reused by the music director. It’s a good listen but is completely situational and a lot depends on its placement, mostly in the background, in the film.


Kirraku Kirraku is a typical DSP fun number. Sometimes these numbers are likable and many times these are skip-able. Fortunately Kirraku comes under the former category thanks to its peppy arrangements (especially the two interludes) and lyrics that keeps one engaged throughout and has the foot tapping effect simultaneously.

One follows next seems to be a DSP special among the special for Pawan Kalyan. Ninnu Choodagane is simple and highly addictive number with catchy lyrics. Everything seems perfect for the song except probably the singer.

Its Time To Party is again a typical DSP number held together, once again, by engaging lyrics that are not run of the mill type. The wordplay usage in the song throughout, along with the female vocals, is the best part of the song which otherwise is just about okay.

At the end of the album one is completely satisfied. Does it meet the previous high benchmarks set by the actor and music director combination? A mixed reaction arises which probably is the best thing that can be said for an album that comes with such humongous expectations. What this means is once the hype dies down the album will have a life of its own because the album is basically good. Lyrics play a major part in the album being good. Lyrics aren’t the award winning type, they are, to put it simply, very entertaining. Lastly if Gabbar Singh was a massy treat this is a classy treat.

Our picks of the album: Aaradugula, Bapu Gari Bomma, Ninnu Choodagane Chitti Gunde

Rating: 3.5/5


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