Music Review: Swamy Ra Ra – Album Of The Year


As we have mentioned a lot of time earlier and in fact mention it all the time whenever a small promising album arrives, so that people get to listen them. Along with blockbuster film albums we do get from time to time small films with fabulous music like Aavakaya Biryani, Takita Takita, Andala Rakshasi, Ko Antey Koti etc. Swami Ra Ra is another small film which comes up with similar promise. Let’s see if it joins them.

As soon as the album starts the first thing that catches one’s attention is the ‘sound quality’ of the song. It remains consistent through out the album so that’s a big plus right away. “Krishnudiki Varasulantha” is funny, likable and hummable number that stays with you after few listens. “Neela Yevaru” is the song of the year so far musically. It is simple and charming number that brings a smile on your face. Crispy and soothing arrangements along with lyrics make this one a complete winner.

“Swamy Ra Ra” is another catchy number that would be instantly liked by the lovers of rock music. Similar is the number that follows it “Life Ante” which is a jazz number. The likeability of these two songs depends on the likeability of the genres in question, rock and jazz.

“Yo Yo Yo Mem Antha” is a situational number and musically too it needs repeated hearing to get a liking. The albums ends with remix of the title track which is fine.

The album clearly surpasses the expectations we had at the beginning. Sunny makes a fantastic debut and delivers the album of the year so far. His Sound Engineering stint with Hindi music director Pritam is clearly visible as this album ‘sounds’ very rich despite being for a small film. This “sound quality” is something which we always had problem with, in those above mentioned albums (despite liking them very much). Hopefully the newcomers in future maintain these standards, especially in these times when every contemporary musician from other languages is coming up with cutting edge sound.

Our Picks: Krishnuduki Varasulantha, Neela Yevaru, Swami Ra Ra, Life Ante
Rating: 4/5

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