Nani's Jenda Pai Kapiraju – Music Review


Music director GV Prakash has been a hit or miss case off late with only very few albums or songs registering. Most of the Tamil music directors have come up with quality albums whenever they have taken a Telugu movie but here also GV Prakash has proved to be an exception with only singles working in favor but never a complete album. Will Jenda Pai Kapiraju change that, let’s take a look.

“Inthandanga” is a Rahman styled love ballad in classical style. It takes time to grow but once it grows it stays in one’s mind. “Don’t Worry Be Happy” is another slow but addictive number which reminds of fun numbers from Tamil films. It’s a simple non flashy number that strikes a chord after few listens. “Rajadi Raja” is a routine number that might work due to its placement in the film. Music director tries his best to make it lively but somehow it doesn’t work. “Thelisinadi” is a melancholy number in predictable template. “Gita Verses” is like the theme song of the film. It’s short but doesn’t create any impact.

At the end of the albums one has the same feeling of disappointment that one started with at the start of the album. Jenda Pai Kapiraju has a couple of nice songs but that’s it. It feels like a very lazy effort from the music director after listening to the whole album.

Picks of the album: Inthandanga, Don’t Worry Be Happy
Rating: 3/5

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