BalaKrishna's Legend Music Review – Another DSP Album


Devi Sri Prasad has been delivering chart-buster numbers back to back for some time now. For the first time he gives music for a Balakrishna film in his career who falls exactly into the same ‘mass’ territory that the music director enjoys giving music to. There is also a sentiment here that the music director delivers the best on the first combination. Let’s see if Legend lives up to all those expectations and delivers more.

Legend title song is instantly likable and imminently hummable. Nothing special here music wise but DSP makes it foot tapping enough to be played again. It’s a treat for the fans without any doubt. “Tanjavuru” is another typical song from music director repertoire. He tweaks it just enough to make it feel little fresh but still nothing really exciting here.

“Om Sarvani” is music director getting into his devotional zone. He ticks all the cues expected from a devotional number to make this situational number pleasing on the ears as well as long as it lasts. “Ne Kanti Chopulloki” is a melody number with a heard before feeling that still manages to catch attention. However it clearly lacks the vibrancy even for a melody number coming from DSP.

“Lasku Tapa Mama” brings back the energy into the album again. This is the standard item number that we are so used to hearing from the music director. The “Lasku Tapa” refrain is incredibly catchy while the remaining song is not on the same level, it hooks one nonetheless. “Time Bomb” is a number that could be well received post release depending on its placement in the film but musically as a standalone song is another standard routine fare with absolutely nothing fresh in it by Devi.

So finally to sum up Legend, forget delivering more, it’s as routine an album as it comes from music director Devi Sri Prasad. There is no attempt really to even present his routine fare in fresh package like he has been doing off late with his few key projects.

Our picks: Legend and Lasku Tapa Mama
Rating: 2.75/5

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