Nag's Greekuveerudu Music Review: Thaman's Melodic Treat


Music director SS Thaman reunites with Akkineni Nagarjuna after Ragada. The albums and story here couldn’t have been more contrasting for this second combination. With director Dasarath also being part of this combination expectations from the album surely are their however little or high they might be.

“I hate Love Stories” is an instant winner. The music, lyrics and singers choice everything works perfectly for this song.” O Nadu Washingtonnu” song falls in the similar category with SP Balasubrahmanium’s voice being the highlight. The second interlude is fantastic here. “Ne Vinnadi Nijamena”, “Ee Parikshallo Tanaku”, would take time to get used to but after few listens one is most likely to remember these songs as well. The key point here is giving the songs the time to grow. “Yevaru Lerani” is more instantly likeable number compared to the other two melodies. The interludes here are very catchy.

“Ossina Bangaram” is the only out and out mass number in the album making it stand out in the album. It’s a fine number which also kind off has become bread and butter type of song for SS Thaman. Eminently likeable but heard before kind of number. The album concludes on a high with the peppy number “Maro Janme”. The pop song arrangements make this fast paced peppy number lovable. It’s very short though.

Greeku Veerudu is more of a melody album with some peppy numbers and lacks the usual grand mass and energetic numbers of SS Thaman. This change in style makes this a special album for the music director.

Our picks of the album: I Hate Love Stories, O Nadu Washingtonnu, Yevaru Lerani, Ossina Bangaram

Rating: 3.5/5

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