Music Review – Yemito Ee Maaya


GV Prakash is a very fine music director but somehow his music record in Telugu has been very poor. Even his best album has couple of numbers that are best while remaining are average. So not keeping high expectations we go about listening the album.

“Facebook Login” is lyrically fun but below par musically. It feels like music is just aiding the lyrics without having any character of its own. In quite contrast is “Nuvvemi Cheppina” which is a cool melody with okay lyrics. But this is not an instantly appealing number, it requires few listens to take a liking to it. “Get Ready for My Mojo” is a typical club number with a rap, it appeals only as long as it last. “Manasa Manasa” is fine intermittently but overall doesn’t stick like it should for it to click.

Even with low expectations the album is a below par one barring a melody number. It feels like the music director is just going through the motions without any real effort being put.

Pick of the album: Nuvvemi Cheppina
Rating: 2.25/5


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