Music Review: Tanu Monne Vellipoindi – Boring



A film by director Vamshi has over the years became a genre of its own. In a similar way the music in the director’s film over the years had developed a distinct feel and mood that is instantly recognizable. When the director gets right he definitely has given a memorable album even if it’s with Chakri. Can the director get it right this time?

All the songs (“Tholi Choopuke Ne Padipoya”, “My Dear”, “Subhame Sumame”, “You Are My Love”) barring “Nuvvevaro Nenevaro” are slow melodies. Despite clearly being different they all sound same due to the way they have been arranged. Not only is the Vamshi mark absent, sameness persists across all these melodies even in terms of the song graph and our reception to it. No song stands out in particular but each of these songs have parts that makes one feel these songs could have been much more than what they are currently and the album could have been a memorable one. Currently its one boring album despite all the niceties it offers in parts.

Picks of the album: You Are My Love, My Dear
Rating: 2.5/5


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