Music Review: Rey – déjà vu Overload



YVS Chowdhary might be failing big time as a director starting from Okkamagadu but he has always had good music in his films (Yuvaraju, Seetharamaraju, Lahiri Lahiri Lahiri Lo,Devadasu etc). Can he continue that good musical track record and deliver again with Chakri as music director. Read on to find out.

“Girls” begins the album on a fine note musically and sets the tone for what is to follow lyrically. “Oh Dear” begins in a way that makes one scream ‘oh dear’ literally but it turns out to be a decent foot tapping number as it progresses. A recurring musical motif featuring trumpet is very well done and addictive. “Rey Theme” begins on a heard before note and progresses into a noisy short theme with no real substance.

“Golimar” remix is a mess but still a fun number to listen to thanks to the original tune and lyrics nostalgic value and catchiness. It is the add-on’s musically to the original that create a mess. The opening stanza is good here and it’s a freefall from there for the rest of the number. “Priyatama” is a catchy number but for the obvious ‘inspiration’. An 80’s music inspired number finds its way in the album in the form of “Dance” that might work well as a video. “Rey Mantra” is short and catchy. Finally the album ends on a medley of popular dance numbers/beats called “Power of Rey”. Again a number that might work well as a video but musically this concoction doesn’t excite.

Director YVS Chowdhary for the maximum part hasn’t disappointed musically despite the ‘been there, done that kind’ of feel it evokes but fails to deliver a knock out album. One feels the extra hard work being put for the album but it ends up hurting the album. The last dance based big movie was Raghawa Lawrence starrer Style, Rey too is in similar vein and a lot depends on the choreography and placement of the songs in the film.

Picks of the album: Girls, Oh Dear, Priyatama

Rating: 2.75/5


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