Music Review : Race Gurram – Irresistible Thaman



SS Thaman is the most criticized music director in Telugu cinema currently mainly for the template ‘mass’ numbers he comes up with which is equated to everything else he does unfortunately. We have no such problem in discerning the predictable template numbers from the catchy one’s that are irresistible and fun to listen to and in our view he has more catchy numbers to offer than the predictable ones. Let’s see which category ‘Race Gurram’ falls into.

“Boochade Boochade” begins the album on a rollicking note. The beats and rhythms are instantly catchy and makes one hit the repeat button immediately. Lyrics have no real meaning to it but they add to the fun.

“Sweety” is the first of the two classy melody numbers in the album. This is a typical Thaman number that gets boring in between despite the obvious likable parts.

“Cinema Soopistha Mama” is catchy Thaman at his best. Everything comes together well in this mass number that gets the momentum going right from the start. There is no drop in momentum anywhere and the infectious energy keeps flowing throughout. One of the best mass numbers in recent times and joins the likes of ‘Laskaru Pori’ and ‘Banthi Poola Janaki’ in Thaman’s oeuvre.

“Gala Gala” is the second melody. It is the better one among the two with a very fresh orchestration which by the way seems to be clearly inspired by few Rahman numbers at the same time.

“Down Down” shows Shruti Haasan’s prowess as a Singer. It follows the same pattern as few above songs, that is, make the foot tap with a catchy beat. Thaman hits all the right notes in this song with the club beats and the dub-step music.

“Race Gurram” title track in the end comes across as the one with very routine template music from Thaman. But even this is well put together overall that makes for a good listen. In fact this too keeps the infectious momentum with all the energy going despite its predictable sound. The singers add a lot to this overall positive feel of the song.

On the whole, Race Gurram is an instant chartbuster album that promises fun and energy the delivers them in oodles. It’s the same Thaman but he hits all the right notes here and when he does that he is irresistible in spite of the predictability.

Our picks: Cinema Choopistha Mava, Race Gurram tile track, Gala Gala, Boochade

Rating: 3.5/5


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