Music Review – Emo Gurram Egaravachu – Keeravani’s Magic


MM Keeravani is the only surviving music director from the early 90’s and is still relevant to the audience and the current times musically. With him mostly it’s a hit or miss case most of the times, where the music director hits it out of the park whenever he connects. Let’s find of whether Emo Gurram Egaravachu hits or misses.

O Neelaveni begins the album on a splendid note. Simple melody with engaging lyrics makes this song instantly likable. Both the interludes are superb and elevate the song a notch higher. Bharatham Pattina Natyanni is fun number superbly aided by the music which is foot tapping even though containing regular beats. Singer does a neat job in keeping the proceedings lively and fun. Salahalivvodu is another lyrically fun number with good music. Space is given such that both the music and lyrics are highlighted, one doesn’t overpower the other.

The musical magic continues with Bull Boy that follows next. It’s a typical pop number that feels fresh due to the smooth and quality musical arrangements by the music director. It is a short number however. Following next is a musical medley Maid in India. Another fun number that has chances to appeal on screen based on the context and picturization. Andamani Chandamamani is a sad version of Bull Boy with fresh lyrics and orchestration. It’s alright but short. Bullabbai is a jazz number that is short and crisp and that’s the best thing about it. The album ends with a very short musical piece on the title. It is too short to create any sort of impact on listener.

Surprise, surprise – MM Keeravani has hit it out of the park with Emo Gurram Egaravachu. Fresh packing and tunes along with fresh non repetitive lyrics has worked its magic here. We are however afraid though if the album would get the recognition it deserves as the film isn’t in anyone’s radar as far expectations and anticipation is considered.

Picks of the album: O Neelaveni, Bull Boy…what’s your problem, Salahalivvodu, O Neelaveni (sad)
Rating: 3.75/5

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