Music Review: Autonagar Surya – Mancheli saves



Anup Rubens is one of the most bankable composers among the moderate budgeted films. He is delivering good music consistently (occasions hiccups notwithstanding) and in the process creating high expectations with each new album. Autonagar Surya has been a film he has signed long ago, keeping that in mind we approach the album with a lower expectation than we would generally with an Anup Rubens album now.

“Time Entha Ra” has a catchy ‘inspired’ rhythm that instantly draws us in. Not much help from the tune and lyrics which means overall it stays in good one time listen category. “Mancheli” is in by now instantly accessible and identifiable Anup Rubens style. It is an immensely likable number with simple but lovable melody. A fun number follows in the form of “Autonagar Brahmi” that is clearly video dependent. Unnecessary beats spoil “Sura Sura” from being more listenable. As it is it’s a good listen nonetheless.

“Hyderabad Biriyani” is typical beats heavy mass number. It tries very hard to be catchy but fails. “Ayudham” and Autonagar Surya Theme” are more thematic music pieces as the name suggests. “Ayudham” has good lyrics but musically is very predictable and unexciting where as the theme song is decent musically but very short to create any real impression.

In the end, two decent melody numbers save the album from being a complete let down. Much more was expected from Anup Rubens but we give it a pass considering it has been a long delayed project and is missing freshness ‘as a whole’ due to it.

Picks of the album: Mancheli, Sura Sura

Rating: 2.5/5


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