Music Impressions: Ulavacharu Biryani


Prakash Raj and Ilayaraja are coming together for the second time in a director-music director combination. Their last attempt together is the largely forgotten Dhoni, which had fantastic songs, reminiscent of Ilayaraja’s music of the yore. With such an album behind them, expectations are surely a little bit but we do understand that it’s a completely different project and has a different sensibility. So lets see what do they have on offer.

‘Ee Janmame Ruchi’ begins the album on a delicious note lyrically. More than the music and singing by Kailash Kher it’s the lyrics which keeps us hooked. Kailash Kher tries really hard to bring a playful vibe to the song and it shows. ‘Theeyaga Theeyaga’ is a typical Ilayaraja melody. ‘Thelisee Theliyandila’ is a similar melody but the wonderful orchestral interludes make this a better listen. ‘Rayaleni Lekhane’ is once again dominated by the lyrics with music just subtly complimenting it. Once again the melody is not exceptional or memorable to create an impact.

Overall the album is a good, musically and lyrically, but it lacks the magic and depth of Dhoni, which is where our expectations generated from as we said at the very beginning.

Rating: 3/5

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