Mahesh's 1 Nenokkadine Music Review


An album in the combination of Sukumar and Devi Sree Prasad has over the years thanks to their successful association, is always a awaited one. Now add Mahesh Babu to the mix the expectations surely reach sky level, don’t they. We have such expectations no matter how much we try to downplay it based on DSP’s recent track record. Let us see if the combination manages to surpass the hype and expectations.

Who Are You is catchy and likable with good lyrics, singer choice could have been better. There is nothing fresh in terms of beats or tune but even the routine is very neatly packaged. Aww Tujhe Mogh Kortha is Calypso meats Spanish beats song that has become a regular fare in Devi albums whenever he attempts something different. It’s fun to listen to as long as it lasts but nothing memorable. The “Aww Tujhe Mogh Kortha” phrase is catchy however. O Sayonara O Sayonara following next is good in parts (two interludes) but passable otherwise in terms of tune, on the initial listen. This is the kind of song that depends on the placement and picturization in the film to grow.

You Are My Love, was expected to be an instant winner based on the sample heard but after a complete listen it looks like it’s the closest to a winner in the album. Right from the kicking in of the beats initially the song hooks the listeners but somewhere along the path it loses track. It progresses into a typical DSP number that manages to engage throughout somehow thanks to its foot tapping beat and rhythm. Finally the keenly awaited item number in Sukumar-DSP combo comes in the form of London Babu. The song is fine musically but lyrically it isn’t a patch on the previous item numbers in their combination barring small phrases here and there.

In the end, if one remembers the messages of DSP on his Twitter page when the film was signed and the kind of music he was going to attempt in the film, the album might come off as a major disappointment. On the other hand if people like us understand what DSP could do best and keep expectations in check, this might just about manage to satiate the long wait.

Our picks – You Are My Love, Who Are You, Aww Tujhe Mogh Kortha

Rating – 3/5
Bottom-line: Good



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