Kalyan Ram's OM 3D Music Review


Om 3D is the second album of music director Achu in quick succession. Kalyan Ram stars hero in the movie and he is known to giving a free hand to his technicians for the betterment of the film. Lets see what Achu has come up with, this time around, after a engaging soundtrack in DK Bose.

Cheliya starts the album on a fantastic note. The song is classy, instantly addictive with a great second interlude that is sure to give a positive heart-melt kind off feel. Endukila follows next which again is a superb number that is repeatable. Om Theme is fantastic with its grand nature. On the audio itself it elevates the mood big time, if properly utilized the theme would surely be a major plus during the film’s proceedings.

Holi Holi, despite the beats lacks the effect it wants to create, it has a good part in the middle though. Right Now falls in a similar category but this even lacks the mid-section of Holi Holi.

Om 3D is overall a fine album largely helped by the ‘Theme Song’. Once again it’s a short album and the feeling of wanting more kind off lingers on.

Picks of the album: Cheliya, Endukila, Om Theme
Rating: 3/5

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