Hrithik Roshan's Krrish 3 Music Review: Obsolete Music


Krrish 3 has been one of the most anticipated films, ever since its announcement and the expectations have only gone up many folds with the first look posters and theatrical trailer. However even as the expectations skyrocketed everyone were skeptical about the music of the film and rightly so as it’s by Rajesh Roshan. Let’s see if he has done anything to redeem himself from such presumptions.

Raghupati Raghav is designed-to-dance number, for Hrithik and its Hrithik’s number all the way as can be seen with the video. There is nothing impressive music wise and lyrically too it’s poor. Dil Tu Hi Bata is comparatively better number musically saved by singer Zubeen’s vocals. It has an interesting mixture Arabic and eletronica sounds but somehow Rajesh Roshan manages to make it sound dated instead of bringing in a contemporary feel. It’s the best however we get musically on the album though.

You Are My Love feels hopelessly outdated in terms of overall sound and musically too, despite having a singer like Mohit Chauhan. God Allah Aur Bhagwan is again a poor number saved only by a cheesy but catchy lyrical refrain and theme music as background. Krrish Krrish title gives a funny vibe when it’s supposed to be a racy, mysterious and suspense evoking number.


In the end Krrish 3 album suffers from the extremes of outdatedness(musically) and cheese(lyrically) factor. Even Koi Mila Gaya and Krrish had that outdated sound but they still had an old world charm associated with them, Krrish 3 is completely obsolete. Rajesh Roshan has unfortunately become progressively worst from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai to Koi Mil Gaya to Krrish to Kites to Krrish 3. Its time he retired, finally.


Our picks: Dil Tu Hi Bata
Rating: 1.75/5

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