Doosukeltha Music Review



Mani Sharma who has kind of become a fossil now, comes once in a while with an album and we listen with an excitement hoping for a surprise or two. The last time he gave music for Vishnu was for a film called Vasthadu Na Raju and although the film was a forgettable one, it had a couple of worthwhile melodies. We hope for something similar here.

“Appudappudu” is a fun number lyrically although offers nothing new musically. It has some interesting bits in interludes and that’s about it. “Modathi Sari” is a typical melody number from the music director. Even this number has good bits in interludes (second interlude especially) but on the whole fails to make a big impact that would make one repeat the song again. “Soodimande” is an alright mass number.

“2010 Summer Lo” is a fun number that is as predictable as they come and yet good to listen to as long as it lasts thanks to the lyrics and the complimenting foot tapping music. Thandavamade is meh.

Overall it’s a poor album and isn’t even on the level of the last film in their combination. Even the two listenable numbers lacks the freshness.

Pick of the album: Modathi Sari
Rating: 2/5


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