DK Bose Music Review


Music director Achu of Nenu Meeku Telusa fame is back after a long gap with two albums (DK Bose and Om 3D) back to back. We love his first album very much and share the same feelings for his first direct Tamil work Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey (highly recommended if you haven’t heard till now). Naturally then expectations are high from his latest albums. Let’s see if he is able to live up to it.

DK Bose has the music director in his elements with the two songs standing out and a song managing to leave a mark. The rest of the song are fine too but the short length is kind of dampener.

Maula Maula and Padipoya are the two songs that stand out from the album and register an impact instantly. The former has funny lyrics that instantly bring a smile on the face and the melody makes sure that one hits the repeat button. The later has this old world charm associated with it thanks to its simple arrangements that make for a solid listen. Mr DK Bose is a fun listen mainly because of its lyrics. Others as said above are fine but fail in getting that ‘repeat’ going on as a listener.

On the whole Achu delivers with DK Bose. However the satisfaction level is less because of the short duration of the album.

Picks of the album: Maula Maula, Padipoya
Rating: 3/5

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