Coffee With My Wife Audio Review


Coffee with my Wife comes from the backing of writer-director Madhan who has in the past been associated with films like Aa Naluguru, Pellaina Kottalo, Gunde Jhallumandi and Pravarakhyudu. Music for the film is given by Mantra Anand. Looking at all those films one definitely doesn’t keep much expectation on the album before hand.

‘Chakkani Vade’ is sounds good. ‘Govinda Govinda’ is another number in similar fashion although the ‘Govinda Govinda’ refrain is catchy along with the stanzas.

Kannullo is a straight out Harris Jayaraj kind of number albeit lacking his slick and cutting edge sound design. It’s still fine though. Chilipi Yedalo and the ‘Coffee with my Wife’ theme are peppy and pleasant to hear.

Picks of the album: Coffee with my wife theme, Kannullo


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