Bangaru Kodi Petta Music Review


Another small film arrives which promises to bring some fresh music. Off late its these small films which have been providing good non-template music compared to the biggies. Let’s see if this joins the list of those small gems.

Barring the catchy phrase of ‘Buli Buli Petta’ nothing sticks in the song which tries too hard to be cool which is the case with the number ‘Thadasthu’ too although the latter has more coherent tune.

Then there are two melody numbers. First of the two, ‘Yemo Nemo’ is a good melody number (bit lengthy may be) that has an endearing quality to it that makes one like it sooner or later. The beginning harmonica of ‘Allo Nerello’ instantly reminds one of Swamy Ra Ra but the similarity ends there. ‘Allo Nerello’ is lovable number that doesn’t follow a typical predictable melody pattern but still manages to build an addictive melody in its own style. Both are good numbers that would be preferable to listen in long drives.


Lyrics and singer Usha Uthup makes ‘O Lacha’ a fun listen as long as its lasts. ‘Gogulu Pooche’ mashup is another fun number that’s good while it lasts and brings the best parts of the entire album together.

Bangaru Kodi Petta album suffers from severe wannabe-ness and the trying too hard to sound cool effect. Its fun in parts but doesn’t engage on the whole. It looks like a template is emerging among the ‘sound’ of the small films too, slowly but steadily.

Our Picks: Yemo Nemo, Allo Nerello
Rating: 2.5/5

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