AMAT Music Review: Best Of The Year – So Far


Music director Kalyani Malik has been in the industry for nearly a decade now. In this decade he has always threatened to achieve that great reputation as a music director but his big films have always let him down either musically or commercially truncating his growth. With Anthakamundu Aataruvata he unites with his Ashta Chemma director and the promos seems to be promising enough to keep minimum expectations.

Lets just start with an overall consensus at the beginning itself. The album is fantastic, Kalyani Mallik delivers big time and the album is a treat for music lovers especially melody lovers. The songs get better with each listening and lyrics too are fabulous.

Gammatthuga Unnadiem starts the album on a super positive note. Singing, lyrics, musical arrangements everything come together to deliver a soothing memorable number that one falls in love with instantly.

Hey Kanipettey is a soft rock song with a great zing attached to it. It hooks you instantly and makes you play it in a loop. Once again singing and lyrics take song to a new level while the music takes it own course.

Thene Mullula following next is the song of the album. There is a tremendous feel generated in it thanks to the music largely followed by singer’s rendition. The orchestration especially contains a haunting feel to it.

Nenena Aa Nenena continues the lovelorn feel generated in the previous song and helps in heightening the impact further. The second interlude with the guitar bit is a so beautifully done.

Thamari Thone once again highlights the orchestration from the music director. The very beginning of the song gives us a feel of an indie rock but the song eventually takes its own course with the second interlude once being a major highlight.

Ye Inti Ammayive
, is the only massy number in the album and in a way seems out of place too. As is mentioned in the song it’s a “Boothu leni youth paata” and despite it’s out of place sound compared to the rest of the album, it still holds attention and manage to give that foot tapping effect.

Naa Anuragam brings back the album to its original sound and feel. It ends the album on a soothing and haunting note and leaves one with a feeling of wanting more.

To put it simply Anthakamundu Aataruvata can be simply said as the best work of Kalyani Malik so far. Apart from his music, lyrics and singing too has been a treat here taking the album to next level. The music should stay in people’s mind irrespective of the fate of the film. A classic album if the film’s a success otherwise a cult album in the making. Its now our album of the year overtaking Swamy Ra Ra.

Picks of the album: everything
Rating: 4/5

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