Adi's Sukumarudu Music Review: Unlucky Third Time


Music director Anup Rubens and actor Adi seems to have formed a bond with the music director giving two very good albums for the actor’s first two films. With the albums too going on to become popular it looks completely natural for the actor to continue with the music director for his third film as well. Keeping the previous two albums in mind we too have a decent expectation for the music of the film.

Music of Sukumarudu is a disappointment. Only the three melodies “Manasuna Veyyi”, “Manasuna Nuvvele” and “Neelakashamlo” manage to spike the interest of the listeners. Even these three aren’t any memorable either but definitely have scope to become likable with repeated hearings. Among the three “Manasuna Veyyi” has a fresh vibe and easy on ears and soothing and melancholic feel. The violin usage is superb in this song which gives the song its feel even though it’s for a very little time.

Remaining two “Manasuna Nuvvele” and “Neelakashamlo” sounds as if they are a decade and half old songs. The idea seems to be to get the old world simplistic melody representative of village based films of the past but the end result isn’t that satisfactory on initial listening’s. These songs need good situation coupled with great picturization on screen to click with the listeners.

As far as the rest of the songs go which includes a title song and a remix of a yesteryear song, the less said the better. They are very generic and template numbers with absolutely nothing fresh in it.

The combination has failed to live up to their past two albums. This is just not in the same league as their last album Lovely.

Our picks of the album: Manasuna Veyyi, Manasuna Nuvvele, Neelakashamlo
Rating: 2.5/5

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