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Neeku Naaku Dash Dash is the love story of Siva (Prince) and Gayatri (Nandita). Siva is a timid but honest guy who would never lie and always try to help others even at the cost of himself. This selfless nature lands him to an illegal liquor making factory as worker. Gayatri on the other hand is fiery strong girl who is not afraid of anybody. She too is joined in the same factory as a worker. How they both fall in love and what happens next is the basic thread of the film.

This basic thread is very routine and predictable one that we have seen umpteen numbers of times. But director Teja this time places that love story in the liquor mafia syndicate to give freshness to the proceedings. How that basic thread of the love story affects this liquor mafia syndicate is the overall plot of the film.


What makes the film watchable, to certain extent, is the performances from the principle cast. Everyone shines as far as performances go.

Prince (Siva) makes his debut as hero with the film. It’s a perfect casting and he suits the character to the tee. And this makes half the job easy for the director. All he needs to do now is just extract the right emotion at the right time. The director does and the actor obliges. However certain scenes, requiring Price to show anger, in the second half is not that convincingly done. But that’s a minor quibble.

Nandita is a wonderful find again from director Teja. She too like hero suits her character well and does act well too. Her portrayal of a girl with guts is very neatly done. However she doesn’t get enough screen time to perform and largely screams in the second half diluting the effective first half performance.

Apart from the two main leads there are two anti characters too Bapineedu and Chitti Talli. Both bring the rawness to the characters and enact their part well. But there is nothing new that they bring to the table they just play along the stereotypes

Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao gets another character that plays a crucial role at the important moment and he does his regular act here as well.

Apart from all those mentioned above, there are two more characters that provides the film its funny moments. They are Suman Shetty and Venu. While Suman Shetty as Toofan Babu gives the films its lighter moments in the first half, Venu too chips in the second half. Jimbo is good.teja-neku-naku-dash-dash-review-ratings-photos-stills-wallpapers



Background score




Slow pace first half

Pre climax


The film begins slowly and maintains that slow pace through out the first half of the film. What makes things little bit interesting are the lead actors performances, some comedy by Suman Shetty and the exposition that happens showing the liquor mafia syndicate. Apart from these things the first half is fairly flat.

The second half starts with a bang and maintains the pace till about half an hour. This portion is the best thing about the film and its gets downright predictable from here on till about the pre climax where some forced twists are given just for the sake of it and contradicts with the way the characters were build till that point.

Overall the film has a fresh look to the whole proceedings but the content is still stale. And this is where the film fails. On the whole if one doesn’t mind the predictability and the director’s typical touches which he is known for, it’s a one time watch.

Direction by Teja is good. Good here means that the director has like always extracted very good performances from its principle casts. Also the film never feels hurried it moves at a slow pace initially and then picks up post interval. There is an assured confidence in the direction but what fails the director is the film itself which is typical of him. He has done these kind of things in the past and doing them again only with a change in the backdrop.

Cinematography by Rasool Ellore is fantastic. The film looks pleasant to eyes thanks to his visuals. The background music by Anoop Rubens is superb too. Music by newcomer Yeshwant Nag is fine.

Bottom line:

Watch it as soon as you are free.

Rating: 3


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